Friday, May 16, 2014

Are You Seeing A Trend Here?

A few weeks ago I looked into my knitting bag and took a look at the 3 projects I was working on.  If anyone had any doubts about my addiction to Patons yarns, this should put those to rest.

Project #1 - Patons Kroy sock yarn knitting a plain pair of mens socks

Project #2 - Patons Classic Wool knitting my No Pattern Sweater in the round from the bottom up

Project #3 - Patons Beehive Baby Sport knitting the Baby Tea Leaves sweater
Kroy and Classic Wool are yarns that I have knit with for years and are two of my favourite yarns.  Knitting with the baby yarn was a first for me and I really liked the yarn.  It is super soft, doesn't split and it comes in great colours; sadly though I think this colour  may be discontinued.
If you haven't knit with these yarns - and I think everyone should :) you can find them here


Mereknits said...

My addiction is to any yarn!
Love your yarn choices.

DropStitchChris said...

So strange Louise, I think the socks I'm making is the same yarn and so is the sweater I'm making…the only different one is I am doing a scarf but it is with a variegated pink, orange, yellow, red sock yarn that Liz gave me for Christmas 2011!!

Delusional Knitter said...

I love Kroy Sock, and there are some great colors!

Anonymous said...

Lovely yarn and lovely projects :)