Saturday, June 7, 2014

Modular Knitting Workshop at Ziraldo Alpacas

I was asked to teach an afternoon knitting workshop at Ziraldo Alpacas last Sunday.  What a great group of Knitters these ladies are!  This was the 3rd time we have been together for classes and we always have lots of fun.  The first time we were all together was for me to teach learn to knit classes. 
How far these Knitters have come!
The first order of business was having everyone pick their skein of Rainbow Lopi alpaca yarn.  As you can see, this was not an easy task; there were so many great colours to choose from.
Winding the skein into a center pull ball on the yarn swift and ball winder was next.

 Now we were ready to cast on and give continuous modular knitting a try.
Below is the same Rainbow Lopi yarn just knit in regular garter stitch.  The colours knit up as you would expect from a variegated yarn, in strips of colours. It's pretty, but it's still just plain old garter stitch.  This would knit up into a functionally warm and pretty scarf but when you switch up the garter stitch into modular sections of triangles and rectangles.....

THIS is what you get.....a scarf with a fun, super cool look!  Piecework knitting is a great way to give those variegated yarns a different look!

This is a fun technique to learn in an afternoon and this group of Knitters caught on quickly to the process. Everyone had their own scarf started and well on its way by the end of the workshop.  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished scarves in the fall when we get together again.  Happy knitting ladies!

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Yarn-Madness said...

Wow! What a fun technique, looks fabulous! :D