Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sit and Knit at the Western Fair 2014

The Sit and Knit has become an annual event on the first Sunday afternoon of the Western Fair.  Wildflower Wool hosts this event and each year I pick a fun knitting theme for the afternoon.  This year it was arm knitting.
This was some of the yarn we used for the arm knitting - we had lots to pick from!
Since we were working with mostly worsted weight yarns we held approximately 10 strands of yarn together to make our working yarn.

This was 20 minutes worth of arm knitting - it is super fast!

Everyone had lots of fun making their scarves!
There was some needle knitting happening as well,
and some sock knitting.

 Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the afternoon and to all of the Knitters who stopped by to give arm knitting a try and made themselves a one of a kind scarf.  It was a great afternoon!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 2 at the Fair

Day 2 at the fair was another successful day.  Amanda and Wendy helped me out at the booth so there was lots of knitting going on!  We were able to show people socks knit using magic loop, colour work mitts on dpns, a knitted doily on a circular needle, the Purlshell stitch pattern knit out of alpaca and a double knit blanket.
The Charity Scarf Challenge project had lots of people stop and knit a few rows on it.

This scarf project is teaching a lot of people how to knit the knit stitch!

We met a lot of wonderful people yesterday and heard lots of great stories about their knitting.  One of my favourite Knitters of the day was an eight year old girl that came to the booth with her parents. She wanted to knit.  I showed her how to do the knit stitch and she did some stitches on our charity scarf.  Later in the evening she had her parents bring her back so she could see how much more had been knit on the scarf. They were surprised to see that we had knit through a few more colour changes since they had been here last.  As she did some more knitting we found out that her Dad is the Knitter in her family. Now that she has been bitten by the knitting bug, I hope that she and her Dad  make lots of wonderful memories knitting together.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Fair has Begun!

For the next 10 days I'll be spending my days and evenings at the Western Fair knitting!  It is always a great time; lots of knitting time and great Knitters.
Thursday night was set up night.  Once the Wildflower Wool booth was set up and ready to go I took a wander around the midway.

 It is a totally different feeling walking through all the rides and games without the lights, music and crowds of people.

Crews were still working hard at setting up the rollercoaster and the other rides for opening day the next afternoon.

 Prizes anyone??
I swear there were Knitters waiting at the gates when the fair opened!  Lots of people stopped by to say hi before heading outside to the rides trying to take advantage of the nice weather before the storm rolled in.  A few of the regular fair Knitters stayed for a while to sit and knit with me.

This ball of yarn is the start of our 10 day Charity Challenge.  We are going to knit a scarf for 10 days.  At the end of the fair we will see how long it is and how many people in the community spent a little bit of time to knit a stitch or a row or two.  It will then be donated to Keeping Kids Warm; a wonderful local charity helping the homeless youth.

That storm they were predicting?  It arrived.  My son came back to the booth and demanded that I had to come outside with him.  Everyone else was flocking INTO the buildings and we were heading out, lol!  As we neared the outside doors it looked just like any other sky just before it rains; dark, grey and windy.  Then we took a step outside and looked up. I looked up into this huge, low, black cloud that seemed to cover most of the midway and thought %!*# this isn't going to be good.  I went back inside to knit and they closed the outside part of the fair for the rest of the night.

For anyone who has ever worked at events like this you know that having it rain is not a bad thing.  It brings the people inside the buildings.  One lady stands out for me.  I think that she came over mostly to express her displeasure at having found out there were no refunds or passes for getting in free another day due to the weather.  As I was showing her how to do the knit stitch she mumbled under her breath "Well, I guess I paid $14 to knit for the night".  She wasn't a happy fair goer.  I smiled at her and said that spending the night knitting sounded like my perfect evening.  By the time we finished chatting and she had knit a couple of rows on the charity scarf she seemed much happier.  She even signed up for a learn to knit class.  Knitting had worked its magic on her.  She went away much happier than she arrived :)