Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A finished sock today.....??

These socks are my latest secret Christmas knitting project. Just a plain pair of socks, nothing fancy for two reasons:  1) Christmas is only 7 days, 13 hours and 25 mins away and I still have other gifts to knit and  2)  These are for a man and honestly I don't think he is going to care if they have a fun cable pattern on them or not.  I think he'll be happier unwrapping a finished pair of plain, warm hand knit socks instead of a fancy unfinished pair.

But because men have such big feet I really wanted to find a foot that I could use to try them on.  It took a little talking but I found a somewhat willing foot model (who I must say needs to learn to appreciate the fine art of photography - finding the right pose, lighting and angle takes time!  Any guesses who my model was ?)

The foot is half finished and I'm hoping, really, really hoping that I can finish it tonight.  I have a scarf and a pair of mitts waiting to be cast on.

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Mereknits said...

Men like things plain and simple, I think they are perfect.