Monday, January 19, 2015

The Unsung Hero - The Darning Needle

Since one of my knitting goals today was to get back to blogging, here is a quick post to help me back on track!  

Yesterday my daughter brought down a sock that I had knit her for Christmas. She told me that she loved them, they were super warm and she would love me to knit more for her but would I mind sewing in the ends in this one sock.  I guess in my excitement of having both socks finished well before Christmas Eve I had forgotten to darn in some ends, oops!  

Of course this only took a couple of minutes but it got me to thinking.  I'm always on the lookout for "the best" knitting needles (and lately crochet hooks) so it got me to thinking  what about my darning needles. I have tons to choose from but I always bypass all of them looking for my one and only needle with a bent tip.

I have darning needles in every shape and size; plastic, metal, long, short, some with large eyes, some with small eyes, most with blunt tips but a few with pointy tips that I just use for the Rusian Join but only one with a bent tip.  In the past I haven't been all that particular about what needle I was using.  Since these needles always seem to go missing I would usually count myself lucky to just find one and not worry if it was plastic or metal.  These days though I'm all about having the right tools for the job.

For me its a nice sized metal darning needle with a large eye for easy threading, a blunt tip to keep the stitches from splitting and a bent tip for easily picking up those stitches.

Any thoughts on your favourites?


DropStitchChris said...

I too always look for my favourite darning needle but it's not a bent tip. If I had a bent tip one I bet it would be my fav. but I don't. I have plastic, those grey metal ones and my favourite shiny metal short, big eye'd one!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I just grab the nearest needles, which isn't always the best tool for the job. I haven't tried any with bent tips, but it sounds like should!

Mereknits said...

I have needles like that and love them. So glad your daughter loved her socks.