Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yup, totally jinxed the weather

If you read yesterday's blog you'll remember that I tempted fate by bringing out my light weight Spring shawls.  Bad idea.  This is what we woke up to this morning.  More snow.

Since I had no plans first thing in the morning I bundled up and decided to go for a morning walk and enjoy the snow.

Last night on my walk I was excited to see signs of Spring with these flowers starting to grow.  This is the same picture taken this morning.  No flowers in sight.  It's amazing how the weather can change so drastically in 12 hours.

There is something to be said for getting out before everyone else and being able to enjoy the quietness, listen to the birds and watch the snow fall.

And of course take some fun pictures


 Then it was time to head indoors to warm up my hands and sit and knit for a bit on a new project with this yarn.  I'll show you a picture and share the pattern link with you tomorrow.

Test Post

Good morning!

I haven't been able to post any blog posts from my phone in ages so today I'm attempting to sort this out.

I've got my fingers crossed that you all see a lovely mini skein of wool that looks like a little bit of Spring on another snowy day.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A little organizing turns up......

Happy Monday Knitters!

The sun was out yesterday so maybe that's what gave me the motivation to do a little organizing.  I have a couple of baskets that hold my finished hats, mitts, scarves and shawls; this is what I picked on for the first of my spring cleaning.

I have probably just totally jinxed myself but as I was sorting, matching and refolding (the baskets  didn't look this tidy when I started!) I put the warmest stuff on the bottom and pulled out the more spring like shawls and scarves and put them on top.  Yes, I know, I have just guaranteed that it will snow tomorrow by daring to be optimistic but lets keep our fingers crossed for nice weather!  

Guess what else I found in the bottom of the large basket?  You guessed it, a secret stash of yarn that I had mostly forgotten about.  I knew that the blue Decor was in there but not all the rest of it!  There are a couple of full balls but most of it is just more odds and ends and part balls.  

I think I'll use this week to knit the acrylic into kids hats. The ball of sock weight yarn really wants to be cast on for a scarf but I'm not sure about what the pink fluffy stuff wants to be yet.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Odds and Ends

Between feeling under the weather and not having the energy for any elaborate knitting and having this urge to use up all the small balls of cotton that I've had around for what seems like forever, this is what my knitting has been for the last few days. 

 These little odds and ends have randomly become useful dishclothes. I've been knitting one a day and haven't even started to make a dent in my cotton stash but regardless I am feeling productive seeing my pile of finished dishcloths grow and it is a good feeling to know that all these little balls that would have otherwise remained unknit have a purpose now :)

This is probably my least favourite as the colours are totally random so I'm not sure why this was the one I took a picture of, lol.  I guess this proves why I'm only attempting dishcloths right now and nothing more complicated!  Better pictures to come!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Nurmilintu Shawl

Another finished project!  This shawl/scarf was fabulous to knit in Malabrigo Sock yarn in the colour way Terracota.  The lace pattern was simple enough to knit but as with any lace you need to add markers every so many pattern repeats or read your knitting to ensure you pick up any mistakes right away so they can be fixed before getting to the end of the row.

If you have knit the popular Hitchhicker scarf you will find the shaping similar.  You start out with 4 sts, and work increases on one side and decreases on the other side making the cresent shape.  

 The body of the scarf alternates with garter stitch and lace sections that get longer every other row.

The shawl is finished with the lace section and a picot cast off.  I had extra yarn so I added an extra repeat.  The picot cast off takes extra yarn and this tiny little ball is all I had left.

 The last step before wrapping this gift up was blocking it.  This opened up the lace pattern and by pinning each picot point out straight it really opened up the edging and it looked amazing. 
PatternNurmilintu Shawl
Yarn - Malabrigo Sock in Terracota
Needles - 3.5mm chiagoo lace circulars
Modifications - added an extra repeat of the lace patten

I loved knitting with the yarn and would love to work with it again.
I found the pattern fairly easy to work.  A good balance between easy, repetitive, relaxing garter stitch and an easy lace panel that adds some interest.

Yes, I'd knit this pattern again :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015


With the end of winter fast approaching I thought I'd share some of the last pictures of the snow I took last week.  With the warmer temps this week most of the snow has melted.  It looks like Spring is on its way!

 This is a skein of Alpaca yarn that I got for Christmas.  As you would expect with Alpaca it is super soft and wonderful to knit with.

 For my first cast on I used the knitted cast on.  I didn't like how it looked so I pulled it out and tried again with the long tail cast on.  This worked much better.

 I also received a new project bag handmade by a friend.  I love it!  It is reversible, it has a fun way of closing, the handles loop through one another and it is the perfect size to hold a larger project or two smaller ones.  It's my new favourite bag :)

I knit a pattern that has been in my favourites for a long time.  It was easy and fun to knit and I'll definitely knit more of them.  Here is a view from the top and the side.  I love the stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch ridges.
Pattern Wurm
Yarn - Ziraldo Alpaca's Tweed an Alpaca/Merino blend
Needles - 3mm for the ribbing, 3.5mm for the body of the hat
Modifications - Ribbing instead of the stocking st folded hem, I didn't knit the last repeat of the pattern as I was running out of yarn but I'm happy with the length.  It fits perfectly.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Find

I stopped at our local library and they were organizing books for a book sale.  I'm always on the look out for older knitting books to add to my collection and it didn't take me long to find what I was looking for!

 Here is a quick look inside

Shetland lace has become one of my new obsessions and here is a gorgeous shawl pattern

There was also a section on lace edgings

A pattern for a knit doily; another obsession of mine

A page on picot knitting with some cute embellishment ideas

I just liked that this fair isle pattern was used as a filler at the bottom of the page

Embroidery is something that I would like to pick up again; either on its own or to embellish my knitting

And what better way to make a purchase worth while than actually make something using one of the stitch patterns from the book.  This is just a practice piece but I'm happy with the pattern and think I'll cast on again to make a scarf.  I'm really happy with my $4 book find!