Monday, March 30, 2015

A little organizing turns up......

Happy Monday Knitters!

The sun was out yesterday so maybe that's what gave me the motivation to do a little organizing.  I have a couple of baskets that hold my finished hats, mitts, scarves and shawls; this is what I picked on for the first of my spring cleaning.

I have probably just totally jinxed myself but as I was sorting, matching and refolding (the baskets  didn't look this tidy when I started!) I put the warmest stuff on the bottom and pulled out the more spring like shawls and scarves and put them on top.  Yes, I know, I have just guaranteed that it will snow tomorrow by daring to be optimistic but lets keep our fingers crossed for nice weather!  

Guess what else I found in the bottom of the large basket?  You guessed it, a secret stash of yarn that I had mostly forgotten about.  I knew that the blue Decor was in there but not all the rest of it!  There are a couple of full balls but most of it is just more odds and ends and part balls.  

I think I'll use this week to knit the acrylic into kids hats. The ball of sock weight yarn really wants to be cast on for a scarf but I'm not sure about what the pink fluffy stuff wants to be yet.

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