Thursday, March 19, 2015


With the end of winter fast approaching I thought I'd share some of the last pictures of the snow I took last week.  With the warmer temps this week most of the snow has melted.  It looks like Spring is on its way!

 This is a skein of Alpaca yarn that I got for Christmas.  As you would expect with Alpaca it is super soft and wonderful to knit with.

 For my first cast on I used the knitted cast on.  I didn't like how it looked so I pulled it out and tried again with the long tail cast on.  This worked much better.

 I also received a new project bag handmade by a friend.  I love it!  It is reversible, it has a fun way of closing, the handles loop through one another and it is the perfect size to hold a larger project or two smaller ones.  It's my new favourite bag :)

I knit a pattern that has been in my favourites for a long time.  It was easy and fun to knit and I'll definitely knit more of them.  Here is a view from the top and the side.  I love the stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch ridges.
Pattern Wurm
Yarn - Ziraldo Alpaca's Tweed an Alpaca/Merino blend
Needles - 3mm for the ribbing, 3.5mm for the body of the hat
Modifications - Ribbing instead of the stocking st folded hem, I didn't knit the last repeat of the pattern as I was running out of yarn but I'm happy with the length.  It fits perfectly.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely hat, and I bet it's super warm in alpaca!

Debbie Ziraldo said...

Very nice Louise! I love to see what you make with my yarn! I have had The Wurm Hat in my favourites for quite awhile too. Must try it!
Ziraldo Alpacas