Saturday, April 18, 2015

A little wurm experimenting

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well as reading the blog, I'm sure you were feeling all the love I had for my Wurm hat with all the updates I was sharing as I was knitting. If you missed the  Wurm blog post you can find it here along with the link to the pattern.  If something is so fun to knit and wear why stop at just one?

I wanted to see how it knit up in sock yarn.  I used the same size needles, cast on 90 sts, worked k1, p1 ribbing for an inch or so then increased up to 100 sts and continued on with the pattern. The resulting hat used up a full 50 gram ball of sock yarn and it fits a 2yr old perfectly!  The 2yr old was having way too much fun playing outside to stand still for a photo shoot so pictures on my dining room table will have to do!

back view, I like how the top finishes

side view, that was all the yarn left over
Needles - 3mm for ribbing, 3.5mm for hat body
Yarn - Patons Kroy I think the colour is Lilac Jacquard
Mods - Knit 8 1/2 pattern repeats then decreased

To tell the truth I was aiming for another adult sized hat and I had intended on casting on 100 sts and increasing to 110 sts.  Ooops! I'm not sure if I was starting this too late at night or if I was talking and counting at the same time! Anyways that's the beauty of knitting hats.  Whatever size you end up with it will fit someone!

So, you know what this means right?  Yes, I'm sure you guessed. I'll just have to try again :)


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cute! And yep, you'd better start another!

Frieda said...

I love it , nicely done ! I think you had a great idea to try it with sock yarn , love the way it knit up ...