Monday, April 27, 2015

My Swedish Shawl Progress

One little stop at Chapters book store to look around found me coming home with a new knitting project!

I picked up the latest issue of The Knitter and found this pamphlet included with the magazine.  It's the first in a new series on knitting around the world, a Swedish Shawl.  I instantly fell in love with it, bought the magazine and started planning my shawl on the drive home.

The different way of wearing this shawl is what intrigued me from the start and then when I saw that the pattern for the Skansen Shawl and article was written by Donna Druchunas there wasn't any question that this was coming home with me.  I'm always fascinated with the research that Donna does on the history of knitting around the world so there was no way I could just leave it on the shelf!

At home I went through my stash to find some yarn.   I found enough of one of my favourite go to yarns, Patons Classic Wool and then (hope you don't mind Donna :)  I modified the pattern a little by just sticking to one garter stitch pattern and the broomstick lace pattern and repeating my three colours. This is going to be a great stash busting project for me and a bit of a marathon knit as it has to be long enough to wrap around the body then cross over the shoulders.  Almost everyday I knit a pattern repeat or two and slowly but surely my first set of three balls is almost finished and the next three are set to go!

Now my only problem is going to be finding creative ways to show you the same shawl over and over as it gets longer. 


Caffeine Girl said...

That is a really intriguing pattern. I don't think we'll get tired of seeing it!

janet chappell said...

Loving your colours!