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I'm going to be starting a new knitting project in the next day or two if I can pull myself away from my glove knitting (I'm at the fingers now!)

As all Knitters know, and I'm going to pretend that all Knitters, or at least all my students 😀 do a gauge swatch of some sort before jumping head first into a project. These are my two swatches. I don't need to worry about this fitting or being a certain wide or length so the actual number of stitches per inch isn't crucial. What I'm checking for is the needle size and the fabric that it makes. That's what is important here (and should be for all projects) is my 2mm making a loose or tight knit, do I needle to switch to a smaller needle to get the look I'm happy with.

I love it when yarn companies take the time to name their yarns. The top swatch is a Pearl cotton named Tuttie Fruiti and I'm happy with the result. A 2mm needle it is.

The bottom .89 cent ball of crochet cotton (it's been around a while) is also knit on the 2mm needle. I'm not sure if they have named this yarn "15 shaded pinks" but I'm going to pretend its name is just Shades of Pink. It is a thinner yarn so it's not a big surprise that I think the resulting knitting is too loose so I'll go down a needle size to tighten the stitches. A little more swatching tomorrow then it'll be time to cast on.

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