Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lazy Daisy Stitch Embellishing

They are finished!  When a Knitter has a whole day to play this is what you end up with; some extra padding for my crutches embellished with some simple embroidery.

I finished knitting the second cover today and then spent some time reading a needlework book and checking out YouTube how to videos for the chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch and the french knot.

 My stitching most definitely improved with each flower and they were so fun to do!  This is the beginning of a new embroidery obsession!  I can't wait to learn more stitches and see how my stitching improves with each project because I have a lot of room for improvement!!

Here is the finished product.  Much prettier and much more comfortable.


Caffeine Girl said...

Those are majorly clever. And so very cute! I'm impressed that they fit so well.

Mereknits said...

I love them and they look very comfy.