Sunday, May 3, 2015

The first Saturday in May - The Kentucky Derby and Knitting

If there are any other horse lovers out there you were probably watching the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby with me yesterday afternoon.  

It got me to thinking about my own horse riding days and a trip that we took to Kentucky 20 years ago when we were lucky enough to stop at Churchill Downs and wander around the track - I stood on the track!! the stable area and the museum.  It wasn't a race day so it was very quiet compared to the 170,000 people there yesterday!  I pulled out my pictures from that day and boy have times changed.  This was back in the days when cameras had film in them and I took a grand total of 6 pictures!! I'm sure if I had been there yesterday I would have easily taken 100 or more!

While I was watching the coverage of the race I knit on my Swedish shawl and here is my progress to date. Up to 52" long, almost half way there.

Here are two pictures I took at Churchill Downs race track

the race track - did I mention that I stood on the track!

the stands

and here is American Pharoah crossing the finish line yesterday.  Will this be the year for a triple crown winner?  We'll find out if there is a chance if he wins the Preakness Stakes in 2 weeks.


Mereknits said...

It is always a fun race to watch, the horses are magnificent.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh the old days of film cameras! And remember ordering a second set of prints for 99 cents in case any "turned out"?

Brian Baker said...

Not a huge horse racing fan but it STILL would have been pretty cool to say I stood on the track at Churchill Downs!