Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A New Project

I couldn't resist, I cast on for something new tonight.  It always seems to take 3 cast on attempts before everything starts going smoothly.  I messed up cast on number one by making my overhand knot the wrong way and the loop wouldn't close :(  Cast on number two worked fine and I got up to round 6 then realized I had dropped a stitch in the middle of some yarn overs :(   My attempt to pick up sts and yarn overs failed.  I was one st short so I pulled it out again.  

This is the third go, cast on and round one completed very carefully!! (I might have even held my breath)

I've finished round nine error free.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for smooth sailing here on in and it should be as long as those 2 yarn overs just sitting on the end of the needle stay put when I pick it up again.  (Note to self - double check before you start knitting merrily away.)

It's such hard work supervising.  I think her body language is saying "Really, you messed it up again!!!!"


Nicky said...

I always have that same exact problem....especially casting on with DPNS.
I just expect it now..I dont enjoy it....but I do expect it :)

kathy b said...

Those nasty yarn overs trick me often. Hope it is all smooth sailing now for you