Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fix or Rip?

Earlier tonight as I was thinking about what I would post I was really at a loss.  All I could come up with was just to show you an update on the three projects that I'm knitting.  That didn't sound all that exciting.  

Then, as I took a closer look at the seed stitch scarf what did I see....a mistake.  All of a sudden I had something to share with you!  

If you have knit seed stitch before, you know that there is a fine line between that and ribbing.  In seed stitch you knit your purl stitches and purl your knit stitches.  If somehow you get a stitch off track you end up knitting your knits and purling your purls which results in ribbing.

Can you see the three columns of ribbing.  Crap.  So, what would you do?  Would you rip it out to the row below the mistake or would you ladder down and fix your stitches?

I always try to fix before I rip.  Here I dropped the first stitch down 6 rows and worked my way up picking up a knit st then a purl st alternating all the way back to the needle.

When picking up a knit stitch you want the strand of yarn behind your stitch on the crochet hook before you pull it through the stitch.

When picking up a purl stitch you want the strand of yarn in front of the st on the crochet hook.

One thing to be careful of when picking up your stitches to to make sure that you pick up the strands of yarn in the correct order.  Always pick up the lowest one first and work your way up.

The picture below shows two of the columns fixed and one to go.

Just like magic, fixed. No ripping out needed....... this time.

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