Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trickier than it looks

Remember that amazing knit doily pattern I found a few days ago? I started it tonight.

The pattern said to use a crochet hook to chain and make a loop then pick up your sts. Well I tried that twice and didn't like how it looked so I went back to my tried and true method of starting a centre out knitting project.

I also quickly realized three things:
1) this metallic crochet cotton splits easy
2) every round is a lace round. No plain knit rounds in this pattern
3) there are yarn overs before a purl st

Now I've dealt with all of these things before and it just ups the level of concentration needed a little bit.

I have a total of two rounds finished. I have a feeling that my st count might be off. This might be due to the fact I was knitting and watching the last 5 mins of the hockey game. But I'm going to bed in denial, thinking I'm off to a great start. I'll actually count my sts tomorrow. (Note to self - reread the paragraph above)


Caffeine Girl said...

That looks really tricky!

Mereknits said...

It looks so complicated!
Good luck,