Thursday, July 16, 2015

A couple things to finish

As I was sorting through a few more totes of yarn tonight I found two unfinished projects.

The first one is this double knitting that started out to be a scarf but I think I will just cast it off and use it as a hot mat or pot holder.

The second project is knit with red sparkly yarn and will be a table runner to use at Christmas when it's finished.  So far it has missed about 4 Christmases since it was cast on but who knows maybe it will make it onto the table this year.


Yarn-Madness said...

Love the colorwork, it looks beautiful! I started some colorwork maybe a month ago, but decided to frog that project. I should start something new - it's fun! :D

Mereknits said...

I just love your double knitting project and that table runner is lovely. I have not had time to knit in a week, really that is a record for me and I need to pull it together and get back on track this weekend.