Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Sock Day

Today was a sock knitting day.  I finished knitting the leg in this super fun herringbone pattern then started the heel flap.  It's just your standard heel flap worked flat on half the total number of sts.  One row is worked *slip 1, k1* across the row and the next row is purled (slipping the first st).

In between the rain showers I took a knitting break and finally managed to get in a walk that didn't end with me soaking wet.  My first walk of the day didn't end so well :(

Then it was back to the sock to turn the heel.  This never gets old; it's like magic seeing it work up!

Now I'm knitting in the round again with the gusset stitches picked up and the decreases are being worked every other round.  Pretty simple knitting really; the only catch is to remember to work the herringbone pattern on the top of the foot.  So far I haven't forgotten!


Audry said...

Those socks are going to be marvelous when you are done. Is that the Charade pattern by any chance?

Diane said...

I just finished (last night) knitting my first pair of socks. I loved doing the heel the most. Love the colour yarn you're using for your socks.