Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back to Double Knitting

Just when I have some great knitting to show you I can't.  At the moment I don't have anyway of adding the pictures to the blog that I want to show you; technical troubles with my phone.  

But I can tell you that:  

1) I finished one of the mittens and have cast on for mitten number 2

2)  I also started my double knit blanket again.  This time with different yarn and needles so I think I'll like it better and

3) I did some yarn shopping for a new sweater kit from Mary Maxim which I'm not letting myself start until I finish the mittens

I did some looking back at some old pictures and found this one taken a few months ago.  (I just couldn't hit publish without a picture!)  This is Amanda's double knit blanket well underway and mine just started (the original one that I've decide to put on hold, I started a new one tonight).  One day I'll catch up to Amanda or at least make it past round 9 :)

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