Thursday, July 2, 2015

Half Way There

My day started off with a physio appointment for my broken ankle.  It's healed nicely but my plan for skipping physio and doing my own exercises clearly hasn't worked since I'm still limping around.  The physiotherapist was really helpful.  I came away with a list of exercises to work on and feeling glad that I gave into all my friends suggestions to have a professional help with with the recovery process.

I figured that since the physio clinic was about halfway to the yarn shop I would just head on down there and pick up the 2 balls of yarn that  I'll need to finish my double knit blanket.

This itty, bitty four rounds was the start of my blanket in the new colours.  If I wanted to be picky (otherwise known as reading the pattern correctly) I'd be upset that I already messed up the colour pattern.  I let that mistake go because I didn't mind having a solid center for my blanket.  Then I dropped 2 sts while attempting to rearrange my increased stitches - see that hole in the bottom left? At this point I was thinking about starting again.  Then the final straw, I pulled my knitting out of the bag and one of the dpns came out of the sts.  It's official.  I'm starting over.

When I finished yarn shopping I decided that since I was halfway to the beach that would be a good place to regroup before starting this double knitting again.  So off I went.

It was a beautiful day for the beach; sun, birds, butterflies and the sound of the waves.  I didn't want to leave but this blanket isn't going to start itself so I headed home for an evening of knitting.


elleberry said...

Beautiful pictures! Yarn and beach:-) What beach were you visiting?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

the beach looks lovely!