Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

I mentioned yesterday that I bought a new sweater kit from Mary Maxim.  Here it is.  I really struggled deciding between the reindeer and the beaver.  As you can see I picked the beaver pattern but I holding off casting on until I have the mittens finished. 

I've been wanting to knit this pattern all winter but didn't buy it because some of us Knitting Goddesses had challenged ourselves to just knit from our stashes from January to June.  When the stash challenge was over I had a broken ankle and couldn't drive to Mary Maxim to buy the kit.  But, a couple of days ago everything aligned.  My ankle had healed and I could drive.  Want to guess where the first place I went was? You guessed it!  These kits are only available for a limited time so I didn't want to wait any longer and miss out.  

With today being Canada Day I can't think of a more patriotic sweater than one with a beaver and maple leaves.

Since it was a holiday was had some family time and now we are heading out to fireworks!  I hope everyone else enjoyed their day!

(p.s. It was great to meet you in person Amanda while I was at Mary Maxim.  Thanks for the great service too!)

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Caffeine Girl said...

Happy Canada Day!
That sweater is gorgeous, but looks challenging!