Wednesday, July 15, 2015

If You Had to Choose

I know it's only two days into the week but so far my knitting plan for the week is still on schedule.  

It rained most of the day but there was a little break so I was able to sit outside in the garden and work on the shawl.  

When the mosquitos came out I decided to head inside and go through a few more totes and decide what I was going to destash.  There was a lot of nice yarn in here which makes it tough.

If you had to decide what would you choose to keep.  Heritage Silk or


I'm sure most of you would pick the Merino/Silk blend over what I call "real" wool in a heart beat.  So far the Heritage Silk is still in the keep pile but if I need the room it will go and I'll keep the Lopi.  Mostly because I have a plan for the Lopi  yarn but also because I just love Lopi.  It's warm and durable; you can't beat somewhat scratchy real wool :)


Minding My Own Stitches said...

You know, I just knew you had a soft spot for rustic wool and loop :) But you do seem to knit a lot of it, so that's probably something to hold onto!

Caffeine Girl said...

It's impossible to compare Heritage Silk to Lopi. They are like different species. I am terrible at destashing because all yarn is so awesome!