Monday, July 20, 2015

Mystery Bag

This is the perfect example of why I seriously need to sort, organize and downsize my stash.  This bag was neatly stored in my yarn room on a shelf for almost 2 years.  Look at what I could have been using!

This skein is 100% Shetland wool from a local farm and it is handspun.

I can't remember what I planned to knit with this wool but I must have needed more of it and I remember this was the last skein.  Even though this wool was absolutely beautiful most sensible knitters would have resisted and continued looking for an alternative yarn with the correct yardage.  Not me, I bought the single skein and the fleece in the same colourway.

Somehow I thought that my beginner spinning skills could turn the fleece into yarn that would resemble the skein spun by someone who obviously knows what she is doing (unlike me).  I'll have to do some serious practicing before there is a hope of that happening!

Maybe I can practice on this mohair fleece. 

I also found 2 sets of dpns

and three patterns!

I'm planning on joining our local spinners and weavers guild in the fall which is looking like a good plan since my fleece stash seems to be growing quickly!


Seajaes said...

You could contact Michele at Hopeful Shetlands. She would make you up that wool.

Caffeine Girl said...

Wow! What a find. It's almost like buying the items twice, but only paying once. Good luck with the spinning; you definitely set yourself a challenge. But I'm sure you can meet it!