Saturday, July 4, 2015


It's a good thing that I enjoyed knitting this hat.  Because I get to knit it again.  I ran out of yarn.  I was a little suspicious how one ball of yarn was going to knit either a baby hat or an adult small.  Maybe it's just me that thinks it's a good idea to have a hat that is long enough to cover your ears?

Things started out ok

Then I started to worry

Then I ran out of yarn

Then I checked the pattern, my gauge and the size of the hat and yes it should have worked out

Then I started again, this time 2 sizes smaller

1 comment:

Andi G said...

Oh no! Yes, while it is a good things that you enjoyed knitting it the first time, kind of stinks that you have to do it again. :)
But really what an adorable hat!