Monday, August 31, 2015

Same or Different?

Saturday I showed you a picture of the sleeve that I had started.  Here is a picture of my knitting now.  Since it looks the same as the last picture I showed you,

there are two options:

A)  I spent the weekend relaxing without any knitting and I am continuing on from where I left off on sleeve number one.  Or

B)  I spent a lot of time knitting this weekend and finished the first sleeve and started the second one.

I'm sure you guessed correctly.  When have I ever gone a whole weekend without knitting!?  That would be just crazy.  It's the second sleeve!!

Now to see how much I can knit by Monday night.  The end is in sight.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


My goal was to have both sleeves finished by Monday night.  This is the first sleeve.  I'm behind.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I started a new project and it isn't with the new yarn that I showed you in the last post.  I have plans for that yarn but right now I was needing something easy to knit so I went stash shopping and came up with this ball.  It's a blend of hemp and wool and I thought it would be perfect for this garter stitch scarf.

Today I visited with a couple of knitting friends and look what one of them was knitting, another Pennant scarf!

It's an easy knit as long as you remember to slip your end stitches.  If you forget,  your nice straight edge doesn't stay so straight and you end up ripping out a few rows to get rid of a bump on the side of your knitting.   If you remember though,  you are rewarded with a lovely straight edging. 

I know some Knitters find garter stitch to be uninteresting to knit but I find it relaxing and addictive. This scarf is distracting me from the sleeve I should be knitting for my sweater.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two Dollars and Seventy Cents

The skein from yesterday has been wound and is set to go.

Yarn shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I regularly spend $20, $25 or $30 on a single skein of yarn without blinking an eye.  But, I also get really excited about finding amazing deals on yarn; it helps balance things out in the end :)

As you can see, I ended up with 3 balls that totalled 282 grams.  In the yarn shops they would sell between $7 and $8.50 per ball - $21 to $25.50.

This skein came out the of the seconds bin (note that there was not one knot in the entire skein and there is nothing wrong with this wool and it is wool not acrylic) for .27 cents an ounce.  Here's the math  282 grams = 10 oz x .27 = $2.70 for all 3 balls.

I love a great deal!

Thinking About A New Project

My sweater should be finished by the end of the week so we all know what that means, time to start thinking about the next new project.

This skein of wool was one of my finds at last week's tent sale.  I have the perfect hat and scarf pattern just waiting for it.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Like Magic We Have A Pocket

Knitting in a pocket is like turning the heel on a sock; it's super exciting.  It's like magic happening before your eyes.

You start with a bunch of cast off stitches, a separate square pocket and voila after one more row of knitting everything is joined, all your stitches are back on the needle and you are ready to knit happily away on the rest of the cardigan front.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Back, Front and Two Pockets

Here is the progress so far.

The pieces of this cardigan are knitting up quickly.  I'm hoping to have the left front finished by the end of the weekend just leaving the sleeves for next week.  With reports of snow today out west I may be needing this sweater soon rather than later.  Winter is coming.  (Game of Thrones fans, I couldn't resist!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Dressed

Remember the Skansen Shawl.  It's been finished for a few months but I don't think I showed you any finished pictures.

As soon as I saw the pattern I knew that I wanted to knit this shawl to wear up at the cottage this summer when the nights got cool and that's exactly what I did.

On our first night at the cottage there was music playing down by the water.  It was a cool evening and everyone grabbed a sweater or jacket and their lawn chair and headed to the beach.  I wore my shawl.  It's probably a safe bet to say I was the only one wearing a shawl and that's all right with me.  I was super warm wearing a one of a kind hand knit.

You Can't Knit and Paddle at the Same Time

Heather from the Social Beehive arranged a night of kayaking at one of our local lakes.  I had never kayaked before and was a little unsure but everyone assured me that they are more stable than a canoe and everything would be fine.  We went up to the rental booth only to find out that all the kayaks had been rented and our only option was a CANOE!

After a lot of reassurance (and I mean a lot!) I agreed to try the canoe.  I was sure this wasn't going to end well.

Heather and Angela were both amazing and made the night so much fun; at some point I forgot to be scared and found myself having fun!  

It was a great evening out and I would do it again.  Thanks Heather for organizing the night!

Back at home I worked a few arm decrease rows then called it a night.  Paddling is hard work.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Now This is Yarn Bombing

Today was another super hot summer day.  Since my car has air conditioning and my house does not it was a pretty simple decision to make today a road trip day.  The tent sale at the Spinrite Factory Outlet in Listowel is still going on so that is where I headed. (Yes, this is my second trip.)

It was so much easier to shop today than when we were here last week on the opening day.  It wasn't near as busy and there weren't any long lineups this time to pay for your yarn.

After I had made my purchases I took a short walk down main street to look at some of the yarn bombing that had been done around the town.  It was pretty impressive.

At the library both railings up the front steps were decorated with spider webs with the spider hanging over the front door.

This bike was sitting in front of a store

This sign (Yarn Bomb Listowel) was outside of the information center

Even the local retirement home got in on the fun with this yarn bombed walker and cane.  Check out the slippers!

What a great way to get the whole town involved during the two weeks the yarn tent sale is on.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Knit Camping Day 2

Today was all about relaxing. We knit, we ate and we talked. The knitting started before breakfast and continued until the camp fire went out late in the evening.

I was able to get the back of my sweater finished and one of the front pieces started.

As the sun set we started the camp fire and set up some lights outside so the knitting could continue.

Wanda has this knit camping thing down to a science. Her lawn chair has a flip up table to hold her tea, pattern, yarn etc. and there is even room for her Ott light at night. Nothing is going to stop her from knitting!

Knit Camping Day 1

I was invited to join two other Knitters for a weekend of camping and knitting.

It's Friday night and we are settled in the trailer, we have our knitting and are well stocked with chocolate.

I also discovered that the drink holder in your lawn chair makes a good yarn holder :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Annual Trip to the Tent Sale

Yesterday was the start of Spinrite's annual tent sale in Listowel and a van load of us were there to check out the deals.  We had two young knitters with us and they quickly picked out their yarn inside the store.  

Out in the tent it was super busy.  When it's so crowded you can barely walk around you know the deals are great!

I was looking for sock yarn this year and once I found what I was looking for the girls and I spent some time together so their Mom could have some uninterrupted shopping time.

We were all fascinated with these big spools of yarn and it kept them occupied looking for the largest ones

I just kept hoping that no one would get an arm stuck in the cone.  

When everyone had their garbage bags full it was time to check out.  People were lined up all the way to the back of the tent waiting to pay for their yarn.  It was a long wait.  Even for us adults it was a long wait and garbage bags full of yarn are heavy!  The kids had a harder time waiting and with no yarn to play with what's the next best thing....a cell phone.

Some selfies were taken

and about a hundred random pictures like these 

but it helped pass the time.

Before heading to a local restaurant for lunch we made a stop inside the store where we found more colours of sock yarn.

I showed remarkable restraint and this is all I came home with this year.  This sale is on for 2 weeks.  The trick for me is not going back.....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Retraining my Hands

I've decided to make a serious attempt to learn to knit continental style.  I bought the Craftsy class and started watching it tonight.  I really debated if I needed a class to teach me this when I can already knit with the yarn in my left hand;  maybe I just needed to spend lots of hours practicing to feel more confident and increase my speed.  

I'm so glad that I went with the class, it's great so far.   She explains what each hand and finger should be doing.  Of course my way and her way are not the same.  Now to just get my hands and brain working together to make some knit stitches!

Sweater Knitting Continues

I spent the day knitting the back of my sweater. I have to say that I'm liking how fast chunky yarn knits up!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Thursdays are for Cross Stitching

I've decided that for me, Thursdays are a needlework day.  Today I worked on this cross stitch pattern.

Below is the pattern I am stitching from.  I switched up the colours a little and I'm thinking about omitting the strawberry and adding another flower. Or maybe not.  Maybe I'll just leave it.  I have a little time to think about it.

We are very lucky to have a local needlework store right here in the city.  Thursday afternoons is their social time.  The ladies are all very nice and have made me feel welcome and a part of their group.  The projects they are working on are absolutely amazing! I am truly inspired by their work.  I had a little lesson in blackwork today and came home with a simple pattern.  I have so much to learn and I can't wait!