Thursday, August 27, 2015


I started a new project and it isn't with the new yarn that I showed you in the last post.  I have plans for that yarn but right now I was needing something easy to knit so I went stash shopping and came up with this ball.  It's a blend of hemp and wool and I thought it would be perfect for this garter stitch scarf.

Today I visited with a couple of knitting friends and look what one of them was knitting, another Pennant scarf!

It's an easy knit as long as you remember to slip your end stitches.  If you forget,  your nice straight edge doesn't stay so straight and you end up ripping out a few rows to get rid of a bump on the side of your knitting.   If you remember though,  you are rewarded with a lovely straight edging. 

I know some Knitters find garter stitch to be uninteresting to knit but I find it relaxing and addictive. This scarf is distracting me from the sleeve I should be knitting for my sweater.

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