Friday, August 7, 2015

Thursdays are for Cross Stitching

I've decided that for me, Thursdays are a needlework day.  Today I worked on this cross stitch pattern.

Below is the pattern I am stitching from.  I switched up the colours a little and I'm thinking about omitting the strawberry and adding another flower. Or maybe not.  Maybe I'll just leave it.  I have a little time to think about it.

We are very lucky to have a local needlework store right here in the city.  Thursday afternoons is their social time.  The ladies are all very nice and have made me feel welcome and a part of their group.  The projects they are working on are absolutely amazing! I am truly inspired by their work.  I had a little lesson in blackwork today and came home with a simple pattern.  I have so much to learn and I can't wait!


Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

Needlework looks a lot of fun. As soon as my son is older, I hope to pick up even more crafty avenues...sewing...needlework...or maybe I will just knit EVEN more. So many choices!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cross stitch was my very first needlecraft (and the only thing that could hold my attention as a small child) I really would like to get back to it