Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Finished Pennant

My Pennant is finished!  At first glance this just looks like a garter stitch scarf but if you look closer you'll see that it has an I-cord edging on both sides and is finished off with an I-cord cast off.  All of this I-cord gives it a very nice finish.  The Designer has you knit in 4 keyholes which give you a variety of ways to wear this scarf.

wide end of the scarf worn in the front

narrow edge worn at the front
end of the scarf wove through 2 holes
side view of the picture above

scrunched up close around your neck with the end through one hole

keyholes knit into the scarf

This is one versatile scarf!


Mereknits said...

Its perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love it !

kathy b said...

I love the color you knit it up with