Sunday, September 6, 2015

Curious Visitors

Today was another beautiful summer day and I spent the entire day knitting on the Pennant scarf. I'm up to 60 sts on the needle; the pattern says to increase to 80 sts. The scarf is getting longer and the ball smaller so I know I'm getting closer.

We had a very friendly chipmunk and a few chickadees join us on the deck this afternoon. Tonight while we were out for a walk we had a fox walk across the road in front of us. I'm just as happy that the fox didn't want to get as close to my yarn as the chickadee and chipmunk did.


Mereknits said...

I just love Chipmunks, a fox....not so much.

Enjoy your trip.

Caffeine Girl said...

Those are such great photos of the animals with your yarn!
We have foxes prowling our neighborhood. Sometimes they run right by me when I'm knitting in the back yard! They run so fast I don't have time to be tired.