Friday, September 11, 2015


On my way home from the cottage I decided to stop at every store that sold yarn on my way home.  It took me all day to get home but it was lots of fun!

Stop One:  This is the upstairs of the grocery store near the cottage.  They don't have a lot of yarn but if the unthinkable happens, your knitting bag doesn't get packed for your vacation, they have needles and a nice little selection of sock yarn and yarns for you to make a hat or scarf. 

Stop Two:  This dollar store advertises yarn on their sign.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I found inside, 2 aisles of yarn.  They don't sell it for a dollar - it's priced the same as everywhere else but they had a good selection of acrylic yarns.  

The best part of this store was the three bins of Briggs and Little wool hidden away on the bottom shelf!

Stop Three:  Well this wasn't really a stop, it was a drive by.  This is a ladies home and she wasn't open when I went by.  The sign says Natural Knitters Depot.  It looks like an interesting spot.

Stop Four:  Riverside Yarns was a very nice shop.  Great selection of yarns, books and accessories.  She had some hand dyed yarn by a local dyer that was beautiful and scarf kits that I hadn't seen anywhere else.  I'm glad I found this shop, I'll be back!

Stop Five:  This little shop is in a touristy village and they are closed Monday and Tuesdays.  I was coming home on Tuesday :( but I did take a peek in the window at the yarn.

Stop Six:  You just can't drive through Listowel and not stop at the Spinrite Outlet, you just can't.  Or at least I can't!

They had some fun chunky yarn in the seconds bin that would make super warm scarves.  It's hard to resist yarn that works out to be around $1 a ball.

Stop Seven:  MacPherson Crafts was the last stop.  I love their building.  They have a great selections of Patons yarns.

Including Patons Kroy sock yarn.

What a great way to spend a day; looking at beautiful yarns and being inspired for future projects.


Carrie Douglas said...

What towns were they in? Looks like you had a great treasure hunt day!!

DropStitchChris said...

The perfect day for you Louise!! I thought Riverside Yarns was Stoney Creek but I see it's Owen Sound…I am thinking of another one I guess.
Next up Kitchener, eh???
Oh you will be in your glory there!!

Mereknits said...

Seven stops!!! Wow, what a perfect day.

kathy b said...

I want to go to all of them