Monday, October 26, 2015

2 Episodes Later

I wanted something quick to knit last night; not a shawl with hundreds of stitches or a sock with a lace pattern. I needed something quick like a baby hat. A quick look through my stash found some purple yarn. I cast on and two episodes of Scandal later I had a hat :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Knitter :)

Purple sock yarn + feather and fan lace = a happy Knitter :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Slip Stitching

It's Friday night!  That means the weekend is starting, it's pizza night, the Blue Jays are playing baseball and I'm knitting my shawl.

There are 5 pattern repeats in this slip stitch section and I have 2 1/2 knit - half way there.  I think I can slip stitch in my sleep!  It is one of those patterns that looks harder to knit than it is.  The only trick is making sure that your working yarn is always on the wrong side of your work when you slip your stitches.

See how the slip stitches just sit on top of the shawl?  They only attach on the dark grey rows.  Doesn't it look fun to knit?  I can't wait to wear it!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's A Finishing Day!

It has seemed like ages since I have finished anything.  I guess that's what happens when you get carried away and cast on too many projects at once.  But, I did get two things finished today. 

 First, I finished my cross stitch piece called Wicked Accident. I love how the pumpkin is designed.  Stitching with variegated threads is just as much fun as knitting with variegated wools. Are there any cross stitch experts out there?  I'm not really sure how I should finish it.  Should I give it a little press with the iron or should I dampen the whole piece and basically block it like a piece of knitting?  Any suggestions would be welcomed!!

Second, is another finished dishcloth.  Nothing fancy it's just a small project knit all in garter stitch but it's functional, it lets me knit through the nerve wracking baseball games without fear of messing up a pattern and it is slowly using up my cotton odds and ends.

I'm still knitting away on the shawl.  No end in sight for this project for a while.  Thank goodness I like knitting it or I'm afraid it might have ended up as a UFO stuck in the back of a closet never to be seen again.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sorting, Organizing, Finding

For the last while I have been working on moving my yarn stash from a room in the basement upstairs to a spare bedroom.  It has been a lot of work - moving shelves, totes of yarn and containers of needles.  I'm still not finished but it's getting there.

A box of Briggs and Little has found a home on the newly moved shelves.

I forgot I had this yarn.  I found it in a box in the basement.  Who forgets they have 2 skeins of a Yak Down blend????  Someone with WAY too much yarn, that's who.

I've been working on my shawl and my goal is to get the slip stitch pattern section done by the end of the weekend.  That means at least 20 rows a day of knitting.  So far I'm getting the rows knit.  When I need a break I pick up my embroidery and do some random stitching :) 

(sorry picture is upside down!)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 Woodstock Fleece Festival

Today was the day that I had been counting the sleeps until - the Woodstock Fleece Festival.  Despite the cold and a few snow flakes, it was a great afternoon.

There was lots of fleece to choose from 

there were sheep

This girl is a BFL cross.  She was very friendly and liked her nose rubbed.  Her fiber will be available at next year's festival.  I need to remember that.

There were Angora bunnies

and there were llamas and alpacas

This was all I came home with.  A shawl pin - I couldn't resist a vintage needle made into jewellry, a needle felted sheep just because she was so cute and a skein of 100% Lincoln sheep wool from a farm here in Ontario. I think it will be a pair of mitts or maybe a hat.

More of the Same

The problem with having too many projects on the needles is that it seems to take forever to get anything finished.  

These are two of the three projects I worked on today.  The grey shawl has half of the second repeat knit and believe it or not, the purple sock has the heel flap started.  Ankle socks do have the advantage of being a quicker knit.

Tomorrow is the Woodstock Fleece Festival.  I've been counting the days all week and it is finally here.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Needle Lace

The last couple of days, I have been focusing on my new found love of embroidery.  I've been watching the ball games and doodling away practicing the new stitches that I have been learning.  It's lots of fun.

Today I found this book at a used book store - Needle Lace and Needle Weaving.  After a quick glance through the book I'm still not really sure what this is but it looks really interesting!  It's done with an embroidery needle and uses some filling stitches to make these patterns.  Does anyone know more about this?  I'd love to know if you have heard of this before.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Without My Knitting

Tonight I did two things that I usually never do. First, I went to the theatre and second, I went without my knitting.

A group of us went to Stratford to see The Sound of Music. It was amazing! The singing, dancing, costumes and the set were all incredible.

Without my knitting to keep my hands busy I took pictures instead. This is my Mom and I before the show started.

I was a little lost without my knitting and did momentarily panic when we first sat down but apparently I can sit for almost three hours and not knit. Who knew? I don't think that's been tried before and I survived it.

I did have to knit a round when we got home just to make me feel better though :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015


My kids and I celebrated Thanksgiving today so my day was filled with cooking, family time, eating and lots of dishes.  It didn't leave too much time for knitting.

After all the clean up was done and I had some time alone I turned on the ball game to watch the Blue Jays win a must win game (woohoo!!)   To celebrate I had a leftover piece of pumpkin pie and cast on a new pair of socks :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Knitting in the Park

It was another beautiful Fall day; sunny, warm, fallen leaves on the walkways and it smelled like Fall.

 It was way to nice to spend the afternoon inside so I packed up my knitting and headed down to the park.

Everyone else had the same idea; lots of people walking, jogging, biking and rollerblading but I didn't see anyone else knitting.  I know, hard to believe isn't it?

I took turns walking for a while then sitting and knitting for a while.  If the breeze picked up or if I found myself knitting in the shade getting cool, I'd pack up and walk for a bit until I found a spot in the sun to get comfy and pull out my knitting again.

 It was a beautiful way to spend the day.  Even when I had to do a little untangling.

Friday, October 9, 2015

What To Do?

The things you find when you organize your knitting room!  This is the Flaming June sweater from the 2012 Spring/Summer issue of  This poor sweater has been sitting in a bag for 3 years.

 The front, back and collar are already knit

and thankfully the needle, pattern and extra yarn were also in the bag along with a started sleeve.  I'm so tempted to continue on that sleeve but Christmas knitting is calling me.  What to do....

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

All Set

I'm all set.  I searched my stash for some sock yarn - found some Patons Kroy, convinced my printer that it should play nice this morning and print off my pattern - it only missed every fourth row.  I penciled in the missing words.  I know exactly where my needles are - on another sock project but that poor sock has been neglected for this long what's another few weeks?  I'm sure it won't mind if I borrow it's needles.

Now I just need to convince Daisy that I need the sunny spot by the window.  She doesn't look like she's giving up her spot willingly does she?

These socks are for the Wandering Cat Yarns KAL I mentioned.  There is still time to sign up on their Ravelry group.  These can be knit as ankle or full length socks.  I'm going to knit the ankle length for someone on my Christmas list.  The pattern is free and it's cute and you can check it out here.

Happy sock knitting!

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Perfect Hat

My daughter had asked me to knit her a hat.  I knit it, she tried it on and it was too slouchy for her liking.  So, I made a few quick changes.

I pulled out the decreases and the 2 inches in the body of the hat that was making it too long

then I picked up the stitches and reknit the decreases and here it is, the now perfect slouchy hat.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What to Knit....

It's another chilly Fall morning; the kind that makes you want to stay in bed under the blankets.  Even Daisy agrees :)

I found these two very fall coloured skeins of wool in my stash.  They would be fun to knit next - after my shawl and the Undine socks for Wandering Cat's sock knit-a-long.  Hmm, what to knit......

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fingers Crossed

I'm back to working on the Color It Plaid shawl.  Earlier in the week I showed you the pictures of the silly mistake I made the first time I started the slip stitch colour pattern. Well, my fingers are crossed that everything is on track this time around.

So far I think things are looking good and I've reknit half the rows I pulled out.  To be honest, I enjoy this slip stitch pattern so I'm not minding having to do a little reknitting.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


It's not often that I can say this but yesterday I hardly had time to knit.  I've started taking embroidery lessons on Wednesday afternoons and I am loving it!

My biggest light bulb moment was when I figured out the feather stitch - the bottom stitches are looking better.

I had no idea that doodling with a needle and thread would be so fun.