Friday, October 9, 2015

What To Do?

The things you find when you organize your knitting room!  This is the Flaming June sweater from the 2012 Spring/Summer issue of  This poor sweater has been sitting in a bag for 3 years.

 The front, back and collar are already knit

and thankfully the needle, pattern and extra yarn were also in the bag along with a started sleeve.  I'm so tempted to continue on that sleeve but Christmas knitting is calling me.  What to do....


DropStitchChris said...

Oh…it won't take you long to finish this Louise…Christmas is a loooong way off…you've got LOTS of TIME…signed, your delusional friend Chris:)=)

Mereknits said...

Finish it and give it as a present, it is really beautiful.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

Finish it! It is so cute! Worse case, send cards for Christmas.