Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dabbling with Swedish Weaving

I've been learning how to do Swedish Weaving. I'm using a piece of 11 count Aida cloth to practice on instead of the traditional monks cloth. I'm saving the expensive Monks cloth until I know what I'm doing!

The only person that I know that does Swedish Weaving is my Grandma's cousin. We went to visit her last week and she was kind enough to loan me some pattern books. She has made beautiful afghans using this technique and I'm hoping to be able to make them as well.

The weaving itself is really easy. Reading the patterns on the other hand is what I'm having trouble with. The good news is that my local needlework store is super helpful so I'm sure I can get some help there if I get completely stuck.

I think the back of the work fascinates me almost as much as the front does. I love that the stitches don't show through.

Has anyone else tried this?


Dizzy said...

Wow, that looks interesting! I have never heard of it, but I think I'll check it out!

Caffeine Girl said...

I've never heard of Swedish weaving, either. You are fearless in embracing so many different techniques!

Wanda H said...

I've heard of it, back when I was in Girl Guides (!) I thought the base cloth was called "Huck" but maybe there is more than one name, or more than one type of cloth. Hand towels come to mind (slightly smaller than an afghan to start with!!)

Andi G said...

I used to Swedish Weaving a long time ago, in my teens. I totally forgot about it till this post. How wonderful your progress looks!