Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Birthday Visit

My daughter had a birthday this past weekend making it the perfect excuse to visit her while she is away at school.  We had a great day!

we went out for lunch,

and there were cupcakes and gifts.
The blue yarn is for a sweater that she has been asking for.  I remeasured her again (I lost the first set of numbers, oops) and have a plan.  I have been watching Amy Herzog's Craftsy class, Knit to Flatter, which is all about using your measurements to adjust your sweater pattern to get the perfect fit and style for you.  I'm going to combine Anita's measurements and the sweater style that she likes with Amy's advice on fit and tips on style and knit up a birthday sweater.  Having a finished sweater to deliver will be another great reason for a visit :)

and of course there was a little knitting going on during the visit :)

Happy Birthday Anita, love you lots!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Glove Knitting Tip

I finished my fair Isle gloves this weekend and  I absolutely love them!

I couldn't resist a little fun in the snow taking pictures of them :)

Yarn - Patons Kroy Meadow Stripes and Muslin, bought from Yarn Canada
Needles - 2.5mm and 3.25mm dpns

I switched up the colours from what the pattern called for.  I only used two colours instead of three and one of my two colours was variegated. 

This pattern knit the thumb and picked up the stitches for the fingers differently then I had done it on my other gloves.  It's always fun to try new techniques then pick and choose what you like best.

I think I'll go back to my old way of knitting the thumb.  I like having a thumb gusset.  I think it makes the fit a bit better having that extra width knit into the base of the thumb.  Having said that, these gloves did fit pretty good.

and they are warm

My one tip for knitting gloves is to always leave an opening for your thumb so that when you are trying on the glove while knitting the fingers the glove will be in the correct position on your hand to get an accurate measurement for your finger length.  

This pattern called for the thumb stitches to be held on waste yarn closing in the thumb hole. I followed the pattern for the first glove even though my Knitter's intuition was telling me this wasn't a good idea.  Sure enough I knit the fingers too long and had to go back and pull out a few rows to make them shorter.  On glove number two, when it came time to knit the fingers I put the thumb sts on two holders leaving an opening so I could actually try on the glove. This worked much better.

Overall this was a fun pattern to knit and I like the palm side just as well as the star pattern on the back of the hand.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Little Fix

This past weekend was super, super, super cold outside, the coldest it has been all winter.  When I picked up the warmest pair of mittens that I had to clean off my car for what seemed like the hundredth time, I noticed that they had a hole in them.  I ended up wearing them most of the weekend with the hole and you know what, they still kept my hands really super warm.  I knit these mitts at least five years ago for my son but for some reason they were still in my closet so I decided that they were fair game to wear to battle this crazy cold weather we were having.

At the end of the weekend I figured that I should probably fix the hole before it got any larger so I took some pictures to show you what I did.

the hole

I didn't have any of this Briggs and Little yarn left in my stash but I was able to find a bit of red sock yarn to use.

I pulled out the loose bits of yarn to find the four stitches - 2 on top and 2 on bottom that needed to be joined together.  I just used darning needles to hold the stitches.

With these four stitches I just did a simple kitchener stitch to pull these live stitches together.  As you can see, it does leave a tiny gap on the side but you have two tails to weave in so it is easy enough to pull the gap closed.

a view from the inside

The finished mend job.  Almost as good as new.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

More Baby Hats

I've been knitting baby hats again.  I was given this ball of baby yarn last week and instead of adding it to my stash I decided to start knitting with it.  Three hats knit and there is hardly a dent in the ball.

Looks like I have a few more hats to knit over the weekend. I think I've found my Super Bowl knitting.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We Have New Brioche Knitters

Monday night was our Knitting Goddesses guild meeting.  Our topic for the night was moebius knitting but before we jumped into that we took some time to do show and tell.  Last month's meeting was all about brioche knitting. Brioche knitting is a huge topic and with only 1 1/2 hours to teach the basics to a large group I went home worried that I had only overwhelmed everyone with a lot of new stuff. So I was very pleasantly surprised to see what some Knitters had been working on at home over the last month!

These fingerless mitts are a pattern I wrote up for our guild members to practice the brioche knit, brioche purl and increases stitches.  Wonderful job Rebecca!

This scarf was the hit of the night.  Isn't it amazing?  Virginia was intrigued with the brioche increases and decreases and found this pattern on line to explore the technique further.  Excellent knitting!

This spa cloth shows that cotton knits up just as nicely as wool in the brioche stitches.  Great project Linda!

This scarf shows how soft and thick the brioche knit stitch knits up.  Lovely knitting Wanda!

Cathy has two projects started, the fingerless mitts and a man's scarf being knit in sock yarn that shows the versatility of the brioche stitch.  It knits up great for both men and women.  Amazing work Cathy!

I'm so glad that we have some new brioche knitters who are as excited about this technique as I am!