Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Little Fix

This past weekend was super, super, super cold outside, the coldest it has been all winter.  When I picked up the warmest pair of mittens that I had to clean off my car for what seemed like the hundredth time, I noticed that they had a hole in them.  I ended up wearing them most of the weekend with the hole and you know what, they still kept my hands really super warm.  I knit these mitts at least five years ago for my son but for some reason they were still in my closet so I decided that they were fair game to wear to battle this crazy cold weather we were having.

At the end of the weekend I figured that I should probably fix the hole before it got any larger so I took some pictures to show you what I did.

the hole

I didn't have any of this Briggs and Little yarn left in my stash but I was able to find a bit of red sock yarn to use.

I pulled out the loose bits of yarn to find the four stitches - 2 on top and 2 on bottom that needed to be joined together.  I just used darning needles to hold the stitches.

With these four stitches I just did a simple kitchener stitch to pull these live stitches together.  As you can see, it does leave a tiny gap on the side but you have two tails to weave in so it is easy enough to pull the gap closed.

a view from the inside

The finished mend job.  Almost as good as new.


Caffeine Girl said...

Really good job. I need to do some mending. I hope I can do nearly as well.

kathy b said...

Nice job! I admire those who mend!