Sunday, February 21, 2016

Glove Knitting Tip

I finished my fair Isle gloves this weekend and  I absolutely love them!

I couldn't resist a little fun in the snow taking pictures of them :)

Yarn - Patons Kroy Meadow Stripes and Muslin, bought from Yarn Canada
Needles - 2.5mm and 3.25mm dpns

I switched up the colours from what the pattern called for.  I only used two colours instead of three and one of my two colours was variegated. 

This pattern knit the thumb and picked up the stitches for the fingers differently then I had done it on my other gloves.  It's always fun to try new techniques then pick and choose what you like best.

I think I'll go back to my old way of knitting the thumb.  I like having a thumb gusset.  I think it makes the fit a bit better having that extra width knit into the base of the thumb.  Having said that, these gloves did fit pretty good.

and they are warm

My one tip for knitting gloves is to always leave an opening for your thumb so that when you are trying on the glove while knitting the fingers the glove will be in the correct position on your hand to get an accurate measurement for your finger length.  

This pattern called for the thumb stitches to be held on waste yarn closing in the thumb hole. I followed the pattern for the first glove even though my Knitter's intuition was telling me this wasn't a good idea.  Sure enough I knit the fingers too long and had to go back and pull out a few rows to make them shorter.  On glove number two, when it came time to knit the fingers I put the thumb sts on two holders leaving an opening so I could actually try on the glove. This worked much better.

Overall this was a fun pattern to knit and I like the palm side just as well as the star pattern on the back of the hand.


Frieda said...

I absolutely love these , the colours are gorgeous !

kathy b said...

Came out just so fun and beautiful. I have troubles with the I cheat and make fingerless . Your gloves are lovely