Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Drop Spindle Workshop

For the Knitting Goddesses annual Spring workshop, I organized a drop spindle class for our guild members.  Take a look at the amazing day we had.

We were very fortunate to have Janice Watterworth, an amazing teacher and talented spinner from our local spinning and weaving guild come out to teach our workshop.  She has so much knowledge to share!

We started learning right at the beginning - how to attach a leader,

how to prepare the fiber,

how to get the spinning started,

how to check the amount of twist we were putting into our yarn,

techniques for plying,

and before two hours was over we had made yarn!

We have to give a big thank you to our local knitting shop Little Red Mitten for letting us use one of their rooms for our workshop.  They carry a great range of spinning supplies which made it so easy to get the fiber we needed. I might have also found a light weight lace spindle that I needed to add to my spindle collection.  Very convenient shopping :)

I'm hoping to knit a hat with the yarn I spin from this workshop. I know that it will be the most uneven yarn ever but I really want to have something that I have completely made right from the start (no, I'm not going to shear a sheep).  I may have too high of expectations but I'm going to try it anyways!