Sunday, May 1, 2016

Frolicing at the Knitters Frolic

Saturday was an amazing day!  It's hard to beat a day out with knitting friends at a knitting show.  Really.....can you think of anything better?  We always have so much fun together and always seem to end up having some sort of adventure on the way home!

I had to miss the Frolic last year so I was doubly looking forward to it this year.

Orange was definitely my colour of choice.  I love these yarns.  The two larger skeins are a merino wool and silk blend hand dyed by Stitch Please.  The orange and yellow yarn is cotton.  Both of these are going to be knit into lace shawls for this summer.

Besides looking at all the amazing new yarns for knitting I spent some time looking at drop spindles for spinning and looms for weaving.  But, what really, really got my attention was the needle felting.

I met the amazingly talented fibre artist Wendo whose booth was filled with her needle felted creations, kits and fibre.  I came home with 4 kits plus a bag of fibre to make my own designs.  I think I've found a new addiction!

In the next post I'll show you more of Wendo's work and my first attempts at needle felting.  Until then, have an amazing week!

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karen said...

gorgeous orange yarn and there is nothing in the world than being with like minded people who enjoy knitting :)