Sunday, May 29, 2016

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Last weekend during our long weekend here in Canada I spent a day at Ziraldo Alpacas helping Debbie with the Indigo dyeing workshop she was hosting at her alpaca farm. The day was so fun;  we had a wonderful group of ladies interested in fibre and this unique dyeing process, friendly alpacas to visit, the weather cooperated and we all went home with beautiful indigo yarn or roving.

Curiosity got the better of these two girls as they peeked around the corner to see what was going on.

dye stock was made

one dye pot was filled with rain water

 we set up shop in the shed to ensure lots of natural ventilation 

and the dyeing fun began!

Several times during this dyeing process there is some wait time.  During one of these times Debbie took us right into the pasture field to visit with the alpacas!

I'm not sue who was more interested in who; us in them or them in us!  They were certainly happy to visit with us and a few were happy to be petted.  

Then it was back to finish off our dyeing.  We had great success!

Remember we filled one dye pot with rain water? Well, look at the difference between rain water - skein on right, and well water - skein on left.  Both pretty but most definitely different shades.  

Of course the fun still continues on as these beautiful skeins are knit and the roving spun into works of art!  I'd love to see everyone's finished projects!

Happy knitting and have a fabulous week!


Mereknits said...

It looks like a wonderful day.

Brian Baker said... which kind of water do we need to worry about....tap or rain??