Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tea Party

As Knitters know, a large part of the fun of knitting is the people you meet and get to hang out with talking about all things knitting.

Last night the retirement home where we all gather every Monday night hosted a tea party for us.  A little thank you to the Knitting Goddesses for bringing in a community knitting group and including their residents in our weekly knitting group.  Really, we should be thanking them for inviting us into their home and for the friends we have all made. It was lovely night; complete with table cloths, fancy tea cups and wonderful goodies!  Thank you!

and I started a new sweater :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Video Making

I've been spending all my free knitting time lately gearing up for the fall and what always seems like the start of a new knitting season in September.

It's a busy time.  Dates and locations for classes to be decided on, class material to put together, samples to knit, patterns to write and videos to make.  Yes, that right, I'm jumping in and making knitting videos!

At first it was pretty nerve racking; well actually it still is.  What do I say, how do I sound, what if  say something wrong, am I going too slow or too fast, what if people don't like what post, should I get a manicure.....

In the end my desire to give my students an additional resource that they can access whenever they need won out.  I set up my cell phone, locked the cat in the bedroom - she doesn't have any second thoughts about jumping in front of the camera - and gave it a go.  I'm not too tech savy so I have a few kinks to work out but I think the knitting content is ok.

So, here it goes. They are up on YouTube, you can search WildflowerWool (one word) to find them or I've added the links below if you want to take a look.

Knit Stitch video

Knitted Cast On video

I'm open to any pointers for making the videos better and if you have any suggestions for upcoming videos please let me know.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Family Weekend

Last weekend was our annual family weekend at the cottage.  Like every year, this was a great weekend filled with fun activities, amazing food and great people!  Here is a quick recap of all the fun.

there was hiking

there was barbequing

there was fishing

there was sandcastle making

there was relaxing

there was tea drinking

there was the annual yarn shopping at the grocery store

and of course there was knitting

I think I've trained my family well :)

taking a break from the beach to knit a few stitches

Dad and daughter knitting time

I brought a few projects with me including my lace shawl that I really, really want to knit but in the end,  I made the smart choice and worked on my class samples for the Lean To Knit class.  There is nothing like a deadline to move a project up on the list of things to knit.  These  took a lot less concentration to knit, were easy to put down and pick up  mid row if I decided I needed to try hula hooping. Which I did try, and did not do well at and there are no pictures lol!  I'll stick with my knitting!

I'll be back to regular blogging again so I'll see you all soon.  Have a fabulous weekend!