Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Friends

Last night was Knit Stitch's stitch night (the last Wed of the month, come on out!).  As usual, it was a full house with knitters, quilters and embroiderers having a wonderful night!  

As I always say, the fun of knitting is a combination of the actual knitting and making new knitting friends :)

This is Debra and Elaine, both very smart and organized Knitters;  they are working on Christmas knitting.   Looking good ladies!

And this is Grace.  Look at her crocheted boots!  They caught my eye from across the room and I had to see them up close.  They are so soft and super warm.

What makes them even more amazing is that she made them without a pattern!  That's talent.

I couldn't resist.  My feet are always cold in the winter so I'm thinking that if anything is going to help with that these will.   I came home and found some stash yarn and needles to make a knitted version of Grace's boots.  Progress pictures soon!


Brian Baker said...

lol I don't imagine finding stash yarn was an issue, was it?

Anonymous said...

Yay glad you were inspired, if you need any help along the way you know where to reach me, or I will see at the next stitch night. It was a pleasure chatting.

Anonymous said...

Where are you located, please?

Summer said...

Very nice meting these talented ladies ♥