Thursday, September 15, 2016

No slow nights with Knitters around

I was back at the fair last night.  It was a Wednesday night and I wasn't figuring on it being too busy and was thinking I'd have a quiet night of knitting.  Wrong.  Soon after I cast on for a new scarf using the purple yarn in the picture below I had lots of people stop by!  Hurray!

there are lots of samples to knit on

this Knitter was learning the Bee Stitch and how to knit 1 below

newly weds stopped to learn to knit 

these young ladies picked up the knit stitch quickly - welcome to the world of knitting ladies!

and the youngest Knitter so far, she just turned 6 last week.  And she learned the knit stitch! Great job!
Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by to chat and knit some stitches.  I look forward to being at the booth every day and I'm excited to see who I will meet next!  See you all this afternoon!

Oh, and the purple scarf; I'm counting last night's knitting as super important gauge swatch knitting :) This is being pulled out and I'll start again tonight with smaller needles.  I was wanting a fabric that was soft, squishy and had a nice drape but this had a little too much drape.  It's a fun brioche stitch so I don't mind knitting it again.  I'll show you pictures tomorrow.

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Summer said...

So nice to see ladies knitting together ♥