Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pirates Do Knit!

Our stitch of the day yesterday was the Bee Stitch.  I forgot to take a picture of our sample so I'll have to keep you in suspense until tomorrow for the pattern.  But I'll tell you that it is a four row pattern that you think should look like garter stitch but ends up looking more like seed stitch.  Sounds fun doesn't it?

We made some new Knitters yesterday, which makes me very happy!

and met a man who knit scarves are a child but hasn't knit in close to 70 years; it's true your hands don't forget those movements!

And we met pirates from the group Pirates For Hire based in Hollywood.  They are doing performances throughout the day at the fair and stopped to chat to Amanda and I.  So, you know that I just had to squeeze in a quick knitting lesson!

Maybe we will see him knitting in their next show!

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