Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Last Day

My eight days at the Western Fair doing knitting demonstrations went by so fast!  I want to thank everyone who volunteered at my booth and to all the people who stopped to see, try and ask questions about knitting.  Meeting all of you is why I love doing this every year!

there was sock knitting happening

and more Knitters stopped by to see us

 On a break, I watched the animal show and fell in love with Harriette a 3 month old barn owl.  Isn't she beautiful?

Being the last day of the fair, we splurged and had a piece of deep fried cherry cheese cake.  It was amazing!

and our new friend the pirate came back for a visit and a little knitting time

Hope to see you all again either at an upcoming knitting class - socks start this Saturday afternoon - or next year at the fair!  Happy Knitting!


Brian Baker said...

So did it really need to be your last day?? If you went there tomorrow and set up, would they kick you out? Might be worth a try, just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

My daughter moved to London in the summer so I've been watching for opportunities for her and my granddaughter (a new knitter) to get out and about. Can you tell me a little more about the classes at the East Lions Artisan Centre? I'd love to know more. Thanks so much. Chris S in Canada