Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another Doily Knitter!

I'm a knit doily collector, knitter and user.  So, when I meet another fellow doily knitter I get pretty excited!

I met Rita this weekend at a Christmas bazaar where she was selling her knitting.  Imagine my surprise as I was looking through the usual bazaar type items; mitts, hats, baby sweaters, slippers on her table to find doilies hanging on the back of her display rack.  And not just any doilies, but KNIT doilies.   

We had a lovely chat about knitting socks and lace and the charity knitting she does for children in northern Saskatchewan where her daughter works as a nurse.

I added this beauty to my collection :)  Thanks Rita, beautiful knitting!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Fun Guild Night

Hello Knitters, I seem to be having trouble finding the time for regular blog posts these days but I'm hoping to change that.  Last nights fun with the Knitting Goddesses seems like a great place to start!

The lovely Knitting Goddesses,

Amanda, who walked up through making these Christmas balls,

We used a clear plastic Christmas ball and I used crochet cotton and 2mm needles to knit a tiny garter stitch square.  I added a fringe to mine to make it look like a scarf in progress,

then we made these tiny knitting needles using tooth picks and beads,

then very carefully squeezed it into the ball and tied it on,

fun, fun, fun and super cute! (Knitters included :)

Our next guild night is the first Monday in December and it will be our annual Christmas party - snacks, gift exchange and prizes!!