Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Road Trip!!

The sun was out Saturday, Wellington Fibres was having an Open House AND it was Local Yarn Shop  Day sooooo, we went on a road trip :)

The first stop was at Wellington Fibres.  They have a herd of Angora Goats, a processing mill and a shop where they sell their mohair yarns and rovings.  

Katie, a viewer of the Fibre Friends Podcast meet us there and I was able to meet her in person which was wonderful!  We both bought some lace weight 80% mohair 20% wool for shawls.  Katie picked a gorgeous blue and I of course went with this amazing green.

Katie - Me

We went on a tour of the processing mill.  My goodness, what a lot of work and care they put into the making of their yarns and rovings.  

Can't you just SEE how soft these are!

We saw how boucle yarn is made - fascinating!

These loops were made right in front of us!

Then we visited the goats.  There were babies; need I say more.  If I could have figured out which baby belonged to which doe I may have tried to smuggle the pair into my car ;)

With everyone paying all their attention to the cute babies, I think the buck was feeling lonely. So I fed him some hay.  I think he liked having some company.

Thanks Doralyn for these wonderful goat pictures :)

This was our morning; yarn shopping, watching yarn being made and seeing the beautiful animals that give us this soft mohair and the day didn't end there.  The afternoon was filled with visits to 2 yarn shops but I think I will save that for the next post.

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